GreenBills Network

GreenBills Network is the only PIP, No-Fault, and Workers Compensation referral network. Our specialized referral network allows you to create a private, secure network (group) of medical specialists, law firms, attorneys, and facilities like surgical centers and MRI facilities. Once you create your private network, you can refer patients within the group.


How GreenBills Network helps your practice:

  • Centralized access to all medical records and patient charts from all providers and attorneys who are part of your group.
  • Access to a patient’s treatment history across multiple providers
    • Ability to see on-going test results and outcomes.
  • Access to patient’s case updates from attorneys
  • Notifications to attorneys if a patient is not treating.
  • Easily print out a comprehensive narrative report outlining all treatment dates along with their corresponding medical records.
  • Eliminate redundancy and duplication in data entry needs as intake information is available from other providers from the group.
  • Notifications when policy limits have been exhausted.
  • Focus on quality-based care rather than value-based care.
  • Reports to measure performance metrics across all entities of your group.

How GreenBills Network helps your patients:

  • Easy access to medical records.
  • Fill out intake questionnaires one time rather than multiple times for each provider.
  • Ability to see completed visits.
  • See scheduled appointments and reminders of upcoming appointments.
  • Single click reschedule appointments and request transportation options.

To sign up to GreenBills Network go to

GreenBills Network Sign Up Instructions

To sign up to GreenBills Network go to

Select the type of provider which best describes your practice:


Screenshot of sign up form for GreenBills Network

Once you complete the form and click “Register” you will receive an email asking to choose a password.

A GreenBills representative will contact you to setup your network within 48 hours of registration.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us